Sunday, January 9, 2011

One week down

The first week is done, and I trained on every day.  It was an interesting experience.  I have fallen into a pattern of training in the evening after dinner, as with two small children this is the only "me" time I can generally find.  It hasn't been too hard to motivate myself so far.

This week, we went down to the beach at Anglesea for a few days, so I did kata on the beach as the sun was setting.  This was a lovely experience, but had a couple of interesting side effects.  Firstly, there were still hundreds of people going for walks along the beach even after 9pm, so I got a lot of sidelong and curious stares.  Secondly, I found the pattern of footprints I left was very good feedback to how I was performing the kata - were my angles there, was I uniform on both sides in the symmetrical portions of the kata?  I even found the foot impressions in damp sand gave me feedback on my weight distribution in certain stances.

Other "highlights" of the week - training in 35 degree weather (95 farenheit for those americans reading), hitting the makiwara for the first time this year and jumping back from the large spider that came rushing out from under the padding, and starting to learn a new kata - Happoren.

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