Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year's Resolution - 365 days of training

As is the fashion at this time of year, I have made a few new year's resolutions.  The most significant one though, is to do some karate training on every day this year.  So far, two days in, and it's going great!

In reality, I'll be pretty happy if I get in over 300 days, which will be around 200 days more than I did last year.

My rules are pretty simple: 

  • 1/2 an hour minimum in one session
  • general fitness doesn't count, except for pushups, pullups, situps and kettlebell
  • makiwara and hojo undo count
  • any martial arts training counts - even if I just do ukemi for 30 minutes (not that I could, I'm not that fit)
  • watching video doesn't count (no matter how much I want it to)

I'm starting to plan out my year so that there is an overall theme to the training I'm doing (outside of what I'm doing in formal class, and what springs from that).  Dave Oddy's Goju Study Guide has been of great help to me in doing this.

The first thing I'm going to do is take some footage of myself doing kata to give myself a reference point to compare against when the year is up.  If they're not too embarrassing, I may post some, particularly the ones that differ from the mainstream versions.

I will use this blog as a sort of journal to keep track of my progress and to explore some of the things I encounter along the way.


  1. Best of luck in keeping to your resolution! This will be tougher than you probably think, but very worthwhile.

  2. Many thanks, I'm only just starting to be aware of what I've got myself in for.