Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day

For Australia Day, my training consisted of doing kata 26 times - 21 x saifa and 5 x sanchin.

It was interesting doing the same kata so many times in a row.  I performed saifa in 3 different ways: half speed with deliberate emphasis on each movement; soft and flowing with no real kime, but keeping proper structure; and as fast as possible while keeping structure and techniques coherent.

Doing it so many times in a row ironed out 3 different problems I have been having (the tomari-ryu addition that we do at the start, driving with the rear foot in the 3 forward elbows and blocking on the wrong side after the kicks), but it was interesting many repetitions it actually needed for me to ingrain the changes.  It implies that doing things in class will be of no use without lots of work at home, as the number of repetitions done in any class are not enough to ingrain them.

I think I need to find training partners for outside of class times.

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