Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sorry for the silence

Recently, I have found that I am becoming less active in putting material on this blog, and wish to apologise to my few readers about this.  The two reasons for not putting content on have been the busyness of work and the birth of my third daughter, which has been hectic to say the least.

Conversely, the birth of my daughter is also the impetus for me to begin posting again.  In order to help with her and her two siblings, I have given up going to formal training for the remainder of the year, and have mostly stopped regular self-training as with an average of 4 hours total sleep a  night I am struggling to find
  1. the energy and
  2. the time in the day, as the only hours I get to myself are after 8pm and before 10pm, and this time is needed to cook and eat dinner and try and maintain a relationship with my wife.

This raises the question of how I can still be involved in progressing in my martial learning if I cannot actually train.  My solution is meta-training; that is the act of thinking about martial arts and exploring the possibilities and principles as an intellectual pursuit.  And this blog can let me do this.

So stay tuned, as I intend to become more regular and prolific, and occasionally turn out something that might even be vaguely worth reading.