Thursday, February 10, 2011

Similarities in techniques across kata

More and more, I see (or have pointed out to me) similar techniques across different kata.  They are not all identical, but have the same intention or principles behind them.

Some of the ones I have encountered recently are:

  • Head/neck grab and crank: saifa, sepai, seisan, sanseru (seienchin as well, but not in the tradition I am training in)
  • standing arm bar: seienchin, saifa, shisochin
  • different standing arm bar (I've forgotten its name): kururunfa, sepai
  • escape from rear bear hug: shisochin, seienchin, seisan
  • guardian opens and closes the gate: saifa, seienchin, seisan, kururunfa, shisochin, hakkucho
  • escape from front bear hug: kururunfa, happoren, shisochin
  • leg takedown: sanseru, kururunfa, tensho (with interpretation)
  • shoulder wheel throw (kata garuma): kururunfa, shisochin
  • front strangle escape: seienchin, shisochin, happoren

There are plenty of others, too.  It raises the question: Why have so many kata, if there is so much overlap?  But that's a question for another post.

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