Saturday, January 23, 2010

Why this blog?

Why do we need another blog on karate on the internet?  There are many people with decades more of experience than me, who have trained with famous people or who have had more frequent encounters with "the real world" of violence.  So why bother?

There are a few reasons, I suppose.  Firstly, I think my thoughts and experiences have merit, at least enough to put out there to the rest of the world.  Secondly, I have stopped formal training for around 6 months, with the birth of our second daughter.  I need an outlet for my addiction!

I am also the consummate lurker on martial arts blogs and fora; I regularly scan and follow about a dozen at any one time.  I guess this blog is a way of me giving back.  It can be a daunting process joining in on a discussion topic on a forum; this blog is a more accommodating way for me to contribute.

Finally, I am at a stage where I am trying to work out and organise my own understanding of my karate; what it is, why it is, where it's going.  And there's a lot to try and understand.  Writing it down, and putting it where others can comment/critique can only help me.  It will also keep me honest!

I hope (at least some!) people will read this blog at least occasionally, and hopefully even get something from it.  If not, then I will still be getting something out of it through the act of having to think and write. 

Karate without thought is just exercise.  Karate with only thought is mental masturbation.

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